Seeta cha Donghar trek

Its started as a lazy flip thru my Facebook news feed with an beautiful invite see pic above set my pulse racing. The anticipation kept growing till the weekend arrive. My last trek was to AMK (Alang, Madan, Kulang) on Christmas eve last year post which had been a very long time since I had felt butterflies in my stomach for a trek. For all the right reasons, being a new trek route, second climbing attempt as a group. “Mountains are calling I must Go” said my heart and I signed up for the trek.

The invite was posted on 17 April soon enough in the next few hours a group was created by Aniket Khedekar (Trekleader) to coordinate with the others and relay generic information so that everyone is on the same page ;). The usual drill being travelling by the second last local train till Kasara. Then a super bumpy shared taxi cab ride till the base village. The route is one taken for going to Kumbshet via Rajur. As usual the train was super crowed and only after Kalyan that we all could greet / meet each other. Here Aniket showed a few GPS maps, routes photographs and Google contour images. And shared how he got the inspiration from Zenosh Patel about this trek. By the time we reached Kasara railway station we had already caught up on our lives from our last trek to Sahler – Salota – Muller –
Mohra – Hargad till date. With a few endless topic about bag-packing to Bhutan, northeast India, Tadobha tiger safari and Andaman Islands. We reach the trek base village at around 05:15 am and took some rest till
day break. I guess no one was keen about Lyrid meteor shower as the outside temperature was super cold to keep us all in the cab. After a short breakfast without tea we started trek armored with GPX viewer maps on Anikets phone and Seeta cha Dongar mountain right is front of us.

Like Mangi- Tungi over here as well we has two ends that have cattle foot trails to follow. Its a small trek that can be completed with 3 hours cris crossing thick dried Karvi plants some still had the flowers on them from last year. For once is I enjoyed the idiom “Its lonely on the top” We were the only group there and the view was superb. Just cannot thank Aniket and Zenosh Patel enough. Aniket being the perfect host rattling off name of the all the
nearby mountain top such as Napta twin pinnacles, Harishchandragad & distant left Ghanchakar – Gavaldev, Ghodishep, Harischandragad, Makard Nal and Kaladgad. The gods were nice to us in welcoming with some natural shade of clouds – without rain. This sudden summer fog also restricted our view which on other clear days would be till Mahuli. But the icing on the cake that of Kokan Kada was mesmerizing with the clouds that kept rising and keeping us enthralled all the while. Descending carefully specially the small rock patch near the cave we successfully completed the trek in top speed. On our return back Aniket kept the naming game on only to be stopped by the offer to grab a few wild black berries. Which I believe was an irresistible offer. Our next stop was at the local sugarcane juice center at Rajur. The taste so delicious my mind kept reminding me “No one can have just one” we had 14 juice tumblers between 9 of us we drove to Hotel Dipali for a quick lunch. We drove back to till Kasra for 17:00 Thane slow local train back to Mumbai with some old trek buddies and making new friends.

Name: Seeta Cha Donghar
District Ahmednagar
Trek Walking distance: 3 km
Climbing time: 45 mins
Closest Railways Station: Kasara
Water Available at base: No
Water Available on Top: No
Best time to visit: September – March
Distance from Kasara to Kumbset: 75 km

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